Color Guide

Shade Guide

Dyegrout supply a range of high-grade, finely-ground, colorfast Iron Oxide pigments. They are designed to color the grout material throughout and are to be mixed in with your original grout mix.

Recommended dosage rates 1.0% up to 7.5% by weight of dry grout mix. Dosage levels above this amount will produce little color change as 'color saturation' has been reached.

All Dygrout pigments are fully compatible with all cement based tile grouts.
Due to the low particle size and purity of our pigments, Dyegrout produces very high tint strengths.

Our pigments conform to British Standards:
BS 1014:1975 (1992) & BS EN 12878:1999

This picture shows what a dry standard white grout-mix looks like after the addition of Dyegrout pigments. Dosage levels: 1.5%, 5.0% and 10.0%.